For complete online bill pay, nothing beats Paytrust

For less than the cost of an average late fee,
Paytrust is an investment that pays off.

(One month free)
  • It manages your bills, so you don't have to
  • Includes scanning of all paper bills
  • Includes 25 transactions, $0.65 for each additional transaction*
  • No contracts - cancel any time
  • No more wasting precious time
  • Avoid late fees & keep a healthy credit score
Paying Bills
By Hand
Traditional Web
Bill Pay
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Receives all your paper and electronic bills for you, whether you are home or away
Scans your paper bills and converts them into electronic bills for you
Accepts e-bills
Presents detailed bill so you know what you are paying
Set how to pay each bill (manual authorization, automatic payment)
Set payment rules (pay bill in full, minimum due or create your own rule)
Pay from multiple banks (up to 10 accounts) all in one place
Eliminates the need for checks, envelopes and stamps
Reminds you if a bill has not arrived
Alerts you of bill arrival, bill becoming due and payment confirmation
Single destination for receiving bills, whether you move or switch banks
Your money comes out of the account the day the bill is paid, not sent
Late charges covered if fault of service
Monthly summary of bills due and paid
All your bills saved & organized online
Cost: Paytrust saves you precious time and gives you bonuses that traditional web pay does not have.
(One month free)
* Receiving a bill and paying a bill are considered separate transactions