Online bill pay that offers all the benefits

It manages your bills so you don’t have to

  • Completely eliminates all paper bills from your life. Paytrust receives your bills for you.
  • Your paper bills are then scanned and displayed online for you to see.
  • Electronic bills arrive directly to your account.
  • Pay in one click.
  • No need for checks, stamps, or envelopes to mail.
  • With Paytrust, you don't have to come home to a mailbox or a countertop full of bills.
  • You can receive and pay all your bills all within one site.
(One month free, $9.95 per month thereafter. Learn more.)

Tell us who, when and how much

  • Pay anyone. From your gardener to your credit card bill.
  • Paytrust lets you pay electronically, or will cut and send a paper check for you.
  • Set any bill for manual or automatic payment, pay in full, or just the minimum.
  • Create your own rule for how the bill gets paid (i.e. pay bill if less than $200. If more than $200, pay nothing, and send me an email notification)
  • Use any bank and pay from up to 10 accounts at multiple banks.
(One month free, $9.95 per month thereafter. Learn more.)

All your bills saved and organized online

  • No need to worry about filing bills or shredding ever again.
  • Paytrust provides you with bill and payment details in customizable reports.
  • Keep up with your bills ‑ even when away from home. All you need is internet access.
  • When a new bill arrives in Paytrust, you have the details you need without running to the mailbox.
  • Attach comments to any bill payment for future reference.
  • View report of your bill payment by payee, expense category, date or amount.
(One month free, $9.95 per month thereafter. Learn more.)

Paytrust does the remembering for you

  • Pay on-time, avoid late fees, and keep a healthy credit score.
  • Automatic reminders keep you abreast of when a bill arrives.
  • Alerts notify you of impending due dates.
  • Alerts you if a bill has not been received.
  • Paytrust will help smooth things over with your payee if any late payment is our fault.
(One month free, $9.95 per month thereafter. Learn more.)

The only site you need for all your bills

  • It's tough to keep up with all the website usernames and passwords to manage your bills. Paytrust eliminates confusion by consolidating all your bills in one place.
  • One secure username and password to view all your bills.
  • Unlike online bill pay through the bank, Paytrust is the complete solution. It receives your paper bills for you and presents it to you online all within Paytrust.
  • View your bank balances all within Paytrust using Real Balance, powered by Mint®.
(One month free, $9.95 per month thereafter. Learn more.)

Your security is our top priority

  • Made by the makers of TurboTax, Mint and Quicken.
  • Paytrust is a secure site and uses industry recognized security safeguards.
  • All information sent to and from the Paytrust Bill Center is encrypted and sent through a secure Internet connection.
  • You are the only person who can authorize payments to be issued by Paytrust against your account.
(One month free, $9.95 per month thereafter. Learn more.)
* at an additional cost