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Awards and Accolades

Top Ten Reviews Award
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Paytrust truly takes care of all your bills with their complete bill management system and wins our 'Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.'Small Quote
~ Top Ten Reviews
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the best of the bunch. Ideal for business travelers who hate coming home to a mailbox full of already overdue bills.Small Quote
~ Yahoo Life Review
...imagine laying your hands on absolutely none of your bills. For this luxury, Paytrust is the magic word.Small Quote
~ Kiplinger's Personal Finance
It's not a traditional bank, but it does something most banks don't, it lets you pay all your bills electronically.Small Quote
~ PC Computing
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Praise from our Users

Paytrust has shaved hours off of our bill paying each month. I honestly don't know how we did it prior to using Paytrust. The best part is that every bill is in one place.Small Quote
~ Sarah of Beverly
I have been using Paytrust for many years - from its inception. It has organized bill paying and made a very tedious task very easy and reliable. Bills are never misplaced or lost - or late.Small Quote
~ M. Affa
I love Paytrust. I've been using it for several years now.
I like it because it is bank independent, and you make it easy for me to make anybody a new payee to make payments.Small Quote
~ Patrick Sutherland
I have been a customer of Paytrust for more than 10 years and it is, by far, the best service I have ever used.
I could NOT survive without it!!Small Quote
~ Shelley Malin
Paytrust is easy and convenient. I don't have to write a check or find a stamp. I can find all my bills dating back and see reports about how and when I paid them.Small Quote
~ Elizabeth Koppany
Paytrust is very convenient. Unlike other bill paying services, I don't get the bills in MY mailbox. Big plus. And Paytrust does all the filing for me.Small Quote
~ Suellen G.
With Paytrust, no bills come to my house. When I move I don't have to worry about updating addresses with lots of companies. It's also great to be able to pay my bills no matter where I'm. You have ALL of your bills right there in front of you. I absolutely love the service.Small Quote
~ Chip G
Paytrust is reliable, easy to use, less time consuming than manually paying bills, and payments can be set up in advance and as recurring. I also like that I do not have to mail anything, and I have excellent records.Small Quote
~ R. L. Dial
Paytrust is easy to use and so helpful if you have multiple houses or travel a lot.Small Quote
~ Dick Lewis