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Paytrust Online Bill Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Paytrust. If you do not find the answers to your specific question, or would like additional information, simply contact us at
How is Paytrust different from online banking?

Paytrust is a complete online solution for bill delivery, payment and management. It works with any bank and any payee you may have. While many banks offer the ability to issue payments online, you're still required to track and manage all of the paper bills that come to your house. By receiving your bills and managing the process online, Paytrust truly removes the burden of handling monthly bill payments. And Paytrust allows you to make payments to anyone—even someone who doesn't normally send you a bill. So you can have fewer headaches, fewer worries and a lot more free time.

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What are the differences between Total Bill Management and the PayAnyone service?

Total Bill Management allows members to receive, review, pay and organize all their bills online. Bills are sent to a Paytrust Processing Center and scanned for posting to your account or arrive electronically from your biller. PayAnyone allows members to make payments online, but they will continue to receive paper bills at home. To learn more about the differences between Total Bill Management, PayAnyone plus E-bills and PayAnyone, click here.

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Can I use Paytrust to pay anyone?

You can use Paytrust to pay anyone with a U.S. mailing address. To issue a payment from the Paytrust Bill Center, you will need to set up a Payee Profile. Most payees are Business Payees, and many of them can be found in our Common Payees database. Some payees may be a little more unique, such as a neighborhood lawn service or a friend you wish to give a gift check. You can enter complete contact information into a Personal Payee Profile, and we can issue payment to anyone you want. Please note: certain payments, such as tax payments to the IRS are discouraged, but may be scheduled at your own risk.

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Can I pay my bills from multiple bank accounts?

Yes, you can pay your bills from multiple bank accounts.

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Is Paytrust available in my area?

Paytrust is currently available anywhere in the United States. Due to banking rules and Internet security restrictions, the Paytrust service is not currently available in any other countries. U.S. subscribers can access the Paytrust Bill Center to receive and pay their U.S. bills, even while traveling abroad.

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Do I have to change banks?

No. Paytrust works with any bank or transaction account that allows check-writing privileges.

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Do I have to have online banking to use Paytrust?

Paytrust works with your current bank and does not require online banking.

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Can I still see the details of my bill before I approve it?

Yes, Paytrust provides both summary and detail information for your bills. You can view or print a full image of the bill at any time.

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What if my payee cannot accept electronic payments?

Paytrust will issue a paper check if your payee cannot accept electronic payments.

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How do my payees know I am using Paytrust?

When you enroll in Paytrust, and any time afterwards, you can select which of your bills you would like to receive online. Paytrust works with any of the payees you have today. Paytrust will assist you in notifying your payees to send your bills, either electronically or by mail, to your Paytrust account for online delivery in the Bill Center.

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How can I get help or have a question answered?

If you experience difficulty with the service, or if you have questions about your account, click here to contact us. Our staff of trained support representatives is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for holidays. In the Bill Center, Paytrust also features rich, context-sensitive online help that can answer most typical questions.

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